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Shades of Gray: An Introduction to black and white

The contemporary use of black and white in visual media is closely connected with the rise of color film. Whereas we are accustomed to seeing old movies and pictures in black and white, with the availability of the full color spectrum, using of black and white is now a distinct choice, signalling the aesthetic intentions of the artist or documentarian.

Today, artists work in black and white for many reasons. These often include aesthetic choices: the desire to provide a pared down view or representation, offering the glimpse of a perceived structure, without the distraction of bright and rich colors. An artist may also choose to show us a scene as it first occured to them. In the artist's vision, the original concept may be better captured by stripping away the color.

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Decorating with black and white

black and white art decor on a home wall
Will McBride: Aufbruch - eine neue Generation II

One of the unsung virtues of black and white art is that it fits with almost any decor imaginable. Black and white pieces are unbelievably adaptable, making themselves at home in all home style choices, whether your walls are spare and minimalist, bursting with color, or covered in intricate wallpaper.

Black and white is at once a conservative choice for a home or office wallspace, and a heady refinement of an interior aesthetic. A home workspace can benefit from the "paring down" effect of black and white. Similarly, a bedroom might feature black and white works which make liberal use of grayscale, presenting a soothing alternative to the hard contrasts of images in bright whites and dark blacks. Bolder contrasts similar to charcoal on paper introduce sharper accents, and can set buoyant or playful tones in a kitchen or living room. In these rooms, however, the theme or motif should guide the selection of an artwork as much as tones and accents.

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