Rachel Witzman

Jama Triptych

2010 / 2017
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
23.6 x 18.9
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ArtBox, Wooden with acrylic glass matte, Spessart Oak, Black, (3x), 23.9 x 19.2" (External dimensions)

On premium paper. Not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.

$ 1,099.00
Plus tax and $ 24 in shipping. | Article No. RWI06
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Background Information about Rachel Witzman
A regal beauty gazes at us as sparkling diamonds vie for our attention. Rachel Witzman’s art is a fascinating symbiosis of photography and painting. The artist takes portraits of women, then transfers them to canvas in order to paint more details over them.

In Witzman’s series Black Magic Women, photography and painting melt effortlessly into each other, creating an intense connection between the art forms. The enigmatic and subtle feminine aura takes center stage until the symbolism catches our eye again. Both levels influence and contrast with each other, creating incredible tension and duality.

Witzman’s works are expressive and engaging. They are manifestations of her subjects’ power, exhibiting these women’s fundamental right to fight for their own dreams. “I have chosen to focus on the silent female essence, with its unresolved magic, in order to serve as its mouthpiece and empower its existence,” the artist says. She does exactly that in breathtaking compositions that enthrall the viewers with their clarity.
Israeli artist Rachel Witzman was born in 1977 and really began to attract international attention in 2005 with her Breaking Border project. Along with a team of 100 people, she created a painting over 12,664 feet long. Witzman lives in Tel Aviv and travels around the world in search of inspiration.