Cactus Abstraction 08 by Ed Freeman
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
Limited Edition, Edition of: 150, Signed
2014 / 2017 EFR06
Ed Freeman
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Cactus Abstraction 08

31.5 x 21.3
47.2 x 31.5
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Mounted under acrylic glass, depth 2 mm matte, Frameless, 31.5 x 21.3" (External dimensions)

Floater frame Basel, profile width: 15 mm, with acrylic glass matte, Canadian Maple, White, 33.2 x 23.0" (External dimensions)

On premium paper. Not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.

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Mounted under acrylic glass, depth 2 mm matte, Frameless, 47.2 x 31.5" (External dimensions)

Acrylic Print with Slimline Case matte, black, 47.4 x 31.7" (External dimensions)

On premium paper. Not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.

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Background Information about Ed Freeman
Photographer Ed Freeman travels around the world, discovering perfect art opportunities in desolate deserts and among tumultuous ocean waves. His abstract series Cactus explores the natural forms of desert cacti. The artist layers photographs of the same plant, interweaving their simple yet sensuous outlines. This creates, Freeman explains, “organic and evocative shapes and colors.”

During the creative process, he strives for balance between the original photograph and digital manipulation, or to extrapolate on that, the balance between natural beauty and the artificial enhancement of it. Freeman says he was inspired by American artist Georgia O’Keefe’s flower paintings, and their sensuality from which it is impossible to escape.

In his exhilarating Surf series, Freeman portrays the sport as an intimate connection between man and the ocean in “a study of our relationship to the infinitely larger world we live in.” With breaking waves interpreted in an impressionistic way, the photographs release enormous rushes of energy. Viewers can feel the crashing rhythms and melodies in these works of art.

Underwater photography is a difficult but rewarding challenge. In this seemingly weightless environment bodies, relationships and movements are transformed, they exude unimaginable grace and elegance. Freeman masters creating compositions underwater that would be impossible to achieve on dry land. Our selected artwork was made using several shots with various models. It was a particularly time-consuming process that only came to an end once Ed was satisfied with his results. The photographs were taken in a swimming pool in Los Angeles using only natural light. Later - after many shots and after returning to his studio - the artist continued to revise, retouch and refine his photographs and highlight the various shades and details that underwater photography often lacks. The result is a unique masterpiece that captivates us with the harmony of shape and color.

Ed Freeman started his artistic journey in the music industry. Not only was he a pianist, guitarist, and a road manager for the last Beatles tour, he also produced over 20 albums. The latter half of Freeman’s life so far has been dedicated entirely to photography. His work can be found in international exhibitions, museums, and private collections.