Open Edition
2016 / 2020
Claudio Gotsch
Work details

Highlander II

8.3 x 11.0

Acrylic Object
These solid acrylic blocks present the artwork with previously unseen depth. Whether displayed free-standing or hanging on the wall, they make a bigger impact than a printed image. With their volume, they add an entirely new dimension to the artwork.
Dimension: 28cm high, 21cm wide, 3,5cm deep

8.3 x 11.0" (External dimensions)

$ 239.00
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Background Information about Claudio Gotsch
Sometimes Claudio Gotsch waits several hours in a camouflage tent, just for a good photo. “The animals have to come to me, not the other way around,” says the photographer from Engadin. The diverse wildlife of the Swiss High Valley is powerfully captured in his photography, which reflects his deep appreciation for nature. His black and white photographs radiate a breathtaking intensity, which opens our eyes to how greatly this fauna needs to be protected.
His new work Albula is dedicated to a particularly symbolic animal, the Swiss cow. The Swiss cow embodies work, family, and traditions of the Alpine region and is widely known as a trademark of Swiss culture. This fascinating shot in elegant black and white style puts the cow’s individualistic hair patterns on display, lending the animal its own special character. The black background of this Black Edition takes the subject away from its usual Swiss Mountains, which turns the focus on the subject, bringing them closer to us. Through Gotsch’s staging, the cow from Albula Valley is transformed into a unique work of art, full of vitality. The artwork is a continuation of two other very successful portraits he created, Heimat (Home) and Junge Heimat (Young Home), where he also chose the Swiss cow as a motif. These photos are not only testaments to Gotsch’s love of his homeland, but also to his talent for staging and production.

He entered new territory with his Yak series. Though these stoic animals actually originate from the Himalayas and are important farm animals in the entire Central Asian region, their landscape and climate are so similar that the animals also feel at home in the Swiss mountains. For his new project Gotsch captured three yaks in his homeland and portrayed them in his characteristic style with a black background. The animals exude that same intimacy that we know from his previous works yet captivate with their unusual appearance.
Gotsch’s landscapes of his homeland, with their imposing mountain range, are characterized by profound peace and harmony. The monumental Alpine panoramas awaken our longing for a connection with nature so intensely that you can almost feel the fresh mountain air.
He found his passion for photography at an early age. “It is incredible what you can discover in nature when you have your eyes open,” he said, revealing his thoughtfulness and carefulness in his work process, the antithesis of today’s fast-paced life.
Born in Switzerland
Lives and works in La Punt, Switzerland