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New York

Photographer Swee Choo Oh captures the iconic dynamic of New York City in an unparalleled manner. With a black night sky as her backdrop, she manages to accurately capture the city's energy. She transforms the city that never sleeps into a radiant experience, captivating the viewer. The lights illuminate Manhattan’s symbolic architecture while simultaneously drawing attention to the residents of New York who give the city it’s unique aura. In these works, light and form interweave to produce a vivid and richly contrasted portrait of the New York soul.
Each shot's perspective fully showcases New York's impressive skyline. Swee Choo Oh is a master at capturing the diversity and historical significance of New York's infrastructure. Skyscrapers spanning a range of architectural periods complement one another to create a well-balanced composition. The Empire State Building, dating back to 1931, is featured, as well as the One World Trade Center, built in 2014, and many other historic buildings that make The Big Apple a world-class metropolis that attracts countless tourists every year.
Swee Choo Oh is well acquainted with the subject of architecture. Her vast knowledge enables her to recognize distinctive features of buildings and skillfully showcase them in her photographs. She has been recognized internationally for her work. In 2016, she received the prestigious Sony World Photography Award in the Arts and Culture catrgory.


Swee Choo Oh was born in Malaysia but currently lives and works in San Francisco, California. She is s multi-award winning photographer, specializing in architecture and street photography. Swee was recognized as a Hasselblad Hero for her dedication to the industry and achievements as a female photographer.