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Luigi Visconti’s Havana Promenades series presents the Cuban capital almost devoid of people, but lively nonetheless. The photographer focuses on the city’s most striking elements: The pastel façades of the colonial buildings and the classic cars are splendidly colourful in these images. The artist captures the aura and anachronistic charm of the historical metropolis. Whether the subject is bathed in warm sunlight or set against the backdrop of a looming storm, Visconti masterfully combines light and shadow to emphasise the impressive architecture.

From the time he was a young boy in Italy, Luigi Visconti showed an interest in photography. Inspired by the world’s various metropolises, many of which he has worked in, the artist specialises in large-format cityscapes. Whether he is in New York, Miami, Hong Kong, or Dubai, Visconti manages to capture the unmistakeable character of each city, combining digital and analogue techniques to produce remarkable, atmospheric pieces that draw viewers in and awaken wanderlust. The artist’s stated goal is to capture the very essence of a city, which he has undoubtedly accomplished in Havana.

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1970Born in Italy
1988-1997Studied at the University of Bologna, Italy
Lives and works in London, UK


2014Crossroads, La Havana, Envie d’Art, London, UK
2012Miami Crossroads, Envie d'Art, Paris, France
2011Crossroads, Envie d'Art, Paris, France
2011La Havana, Cuba, Envie d'Art, Paris, France
2010Vertigo Cities, Picture Limited, Paris, France