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Leticia Felgueroso

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The architect Andrés Jaque described the European metropolis Madrid as “colorful, loud, and uninhibited – like taking the lid off a steaming pot.” Leticia Felgueroso wants to bring this liveliness to the surface, transforming the buildings along the world-famous Gran Via into majestic pink-hued structures.

We are reminded of photography in its early days, when colorized black-and-white pictures were a popular form of artistic expression. At the same time, colorful facades have historical significance in Madrid: After the Franco regime, people took to the streets and repainted the buildings in a celebration of life.

With her finely tuned sensibilities, the artist creates a fascinating play of fiction and reality, the gray city blooming into hyperreal color.


The artist Leticia Felgueroso was born in Madrid in 1963. During her studies at the university Complutense Madrid, Felgueroso specialized in sculpture and photography. Her work has featured in international exhibitions, including at the Thyssen-Bornemisza art museum in Spain.