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Guy Aroch knows how to perfectly capture his models alluring auras. He creates the ideal surroundings with vivacious colors for their striking and fashionable clothes. His talent for creating sensual settings is a testament to his many years as a beauty and fashion photographer. His mysterious and luring creations have a mystical magnetism. They do not simply showcase beauty and fashion, but rather create narratives that welcome their viewers to become part of the story. Within his works, Aroch creates a broad scope for individual wishes and ideas to come to life.The woman in the red dress looks at us dreamily from her unmade bed, stimulating our fantasies. Who was it that she was just talking to on that old-fashioned telephone? And why are the two not together? The subjects of his works are not only beautiful, well-dressed women, they are strong and self-confident too. They are not too shy to communicate directly, and that’s how they pull the viewer into the scene with such demand. Guy Aroch sets his scenes with models that breath confidence and fashionable elegance, while also using the garments and location to amplify the mood. The seemingly ordinary locations suggest proximity and intimacy, heightening the seductive appeal of the models.

Guy Aroch moved from Israel to New York in 1990 to become a professional photographer. In 1993 he graduated from the School of Visual Arts and began his career as a photographer. He specializes in beauty, fashion, and celebrity portraits, and is especially known for his captivating photos with bold colors and perfect lighting. Aroch himself says: "I always try to create a powerful work that is different than anything I have seen of my subject before."


He lives and works in New York and Paris.