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“Silent Warriors”:

"Micki" Free, father Chererokee, mother Comanche, is a Musician (flute
player) who won a Grammy Award. He lives in Florida where the Seminole
Indians own large Casino's which made many of them rich. I met Micki at the
American Indian Arts Celebration at the Big Cypress reservation in the
Everglades. He is an example of the proud and self confident Indian and his
magic and most beautiful portrait became one of my favorite images.

Well off as well is the 16 years old "Kasey", from the Chererokee Nation of
Oklahoma. His father is a radio host. The whole family worked to assemble
his wonderful traditional dress (regalia) of a so called "Dog Soldier". His
headdress is made of turkey and eagle feathers. They told me that among
Kasey's ancestors was the famous "Sitting Bull". Kasey studies at the

"Dark Feather Moon" from the famous Lakota Sioux has served in World war II
and in the Korean War. He has four kids, his nickname is "Talksalot". He now
is 84 years old and still runs a shop for Native arts and crafts.

I photographed the portrait of "Robert" from the Tewa tribe, New Mexico,
right beside of his parents home, who kindly invited me for lunch. He is
from a well doing middleclass family and the Tewa village of San Juan is a
lovely place to be. Ones again a large Casino near by seems to be the reason
for a newly regained pride and wealth.


1939Born in Germany

Studied graphic design in Trier, Germany
From 1968Worked as a photographer for the magzine twen, later for the magazine e.g. Stern or the Time Magazin
1972Admission as a member of the German Society for Photography
2009International breakthrough with the book "Silent Warriors - Portraits of North American Indians", which won the 1st prize at the Prix de la Photographie Paris

Lives and works at the Salt Spring Island in front of  Vancouver, BC, Canada


1.Preis Landscape-Portfolio, The Worldwide 2010 Annual Pollux Awards
2010Kategorie Portrait & People, The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2010, UK
2010International Book Awards, “Silent Warriors" Finalist in der Kategorie "Photography: People"
2010PX3, Prix de la Photographie, Paris


Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR, USA
The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The National Portrait Gallery London, England
Saarland-Museum Saarbrücken, Germany
2009Thorsten Doerting, "Silent Warriors", in: Der Spiegel, Hamburg, 2009/10
2008"Silent Warriors", in: EUROPEAN PHOTOGRAPHY, Berlin, 07/2008


Exhibitions (Selection)

2011The Center for for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Sillent Warriors, Chemainus Theatre, Chemainus B.C., Canada

Metamorphosis, Goethe-Institut Paris, France
2010New Work, Pegasus Gallery for Canadian Art, Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada

Silent Warriors, Pegasus Gallery for Canadian Art, Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada

Silent Warriors, Blue Sky / Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts, Portland, Oregon, USA

An Exhibition of Kinder Art, Ferrero Foundation, Alba, Italy

Eric Klemm 2004-2010, Mahon Hall, Salt Spring Island, B.C., Canada

Silent Warriors, Luz Gallery, Victoria, B.C., Canada
2009Kinder Art at Bovisa Triennial, Milano, Italy

Imagine, The Spring Art Collective Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Human Canvas, Center of Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Oregon, USA
2008Art Basel Miami, Kipton Art, New York, NY, USA

Toronto International Art Fair, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto, ON, Canada
2007National Portrait Gallery, Photographic Portrait Prize, London, England

Toronto International Art Fair, Odon Wagner   Contemporary, vToronto, ON, Canada
2006FotoFest 2006, Houston, Texas, USA
1980Twen - Revision of a Legend, Photokina Köln, München und Hamburg, Deutschland
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19682. Weltausstellung der Photographie, Photokina Collogne, Germany