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In the dark of night, Anne-Laure Maison roams city streets searching for inspiration. She keeps an eye out for points of entry: windows and front doors with elegant shapes and decoration. She is fascinated by the interplay between light and shadow, as well as between interior and exterior. The French artist captures illuminated spaces without ever entering them. She photographs the indoors from outside, giving the lights a chance to really unfold and beam out into the night. This really shows off traditional window frames and reveals the diverse lives taking place behind the windows. Broad hallways, opulent chandeliers, and furniture from every era can be seen. At the same time, Maison is always careful not to show any intimate or private scenes. She takes all of these photographs with the express consent of the inhabitants and generally keeps their personal details out of them. Her interest is fully focused on the architecture and the light. In her studio, she then takes the individual elements and arranges them into a luminous mosaic of vastly diverse styles and shapes. To present the interior spaces in the best possible way, she fills these artworks with the night’s darkness.

Anne-Laure Maison worked at an architecture firm for several years before she decided to pursue her own artistic career. She is always fascinated by the way people live and the way their rooms are designed and decorates. As an artist, she communicates her passion for architecture in a different medium, filling it with the spirit of her nighttime adventures. The results are entirely unique perspectives on familiar cities like Paris, New York, and Venice.


1979 Born in Lyon
Studied Interior Design at Beaux-Arts in Toulouse
Lives and works in Paris