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The art of the American Southwest is a classic and stylish choice for setting a comforting accent in any home decor. Shop our curators' selection of Southwestern style photo art, and find the perfect artwork for the walls of your home or office.

The Southwestern Aesthetic

Here's an open secret: The American Southwest is a vast and loose region, stretching from the Redwood forests of northern California to the desert plains of New Mexico and Texas. The Southwestern aesthetic in art has a scope both wider and narrower, influenced by the history and art of the region, but not exclusive to it.

As a modern art style, Southwest art has a dual legacy of appropriation and originality. Inspired by and taking on the aesthetics of Native American and Spanish art, pottery, and handcrafts, it has become one of the major aesthetic planks of the art of Americana. Today, it is identified especially with the distinctive earthenware and patterned crafts associated with the region.

In addition to the sybols and motifs inherited from Native American, Spanish Colonial, and Mexican art, Southwestern art is often identified with the following properties: vast, desert landscapes characterized by open land and open sky; retro motifs of Americana: abandoned desert scenery, and the roadside desert motel or pumping station; indigenous desert and coastal flora: cacti and other succulents; and a warm brown, red, and yellow color palette

Displaying southwestern-style art in your home

No special rules attach to Southwestern style art in a home decor concept. A few considerations, however, are called for.

The style is defined by a preference for warm colors and an earthy aesthetic, and so might be out of place in a "cold" interior space. Because the landscape is one of the characteristic forms of this style, the size, orientation, and optical effect of landscapes need to be kept in mind when choosing an artwork. In terms of the room of a home in which a Southwest style piece is most faithfully featured, it is as a living room artworkA that your print of photograph will flourish - hung over the couch with a panoramic orientation, and called upon to set a warm and comforting accent.

The floral subject matter of Southwest artworks can be approached the same way as flower art more generally. Treat an abstract cactus or a succulent landscape by a LUMAS photo artist the same way you would treat a flower portrait. It is a still life of a flower not subject to the variegations of seasonal flux, which at the same time has the rarified effect of introducing a portrait of something which itself belongs to a normal home decor.