Vintage portraits for sale

Shop our curators' selection of vintage portrait photography from the LUMAS portfolio. Whether you are searching for a fine art photograph in the style of an oil painting, or a work in art deco, abstract, or retro styles, our portfolio contains a wealth of artwork for the walls of your home or office.

Vintage photographs are one of the mainstays of any photography collection, whether a home gallery or a business space. Black and white photos featuring movie stills from classic films cultivate an air of refinement, while also allowing you to celebrate cultural icons like Marilyn Monroe, or Joseph Beuys.

The vintage portait encompasses a broad array of genres, styles, colors, and themes. Works by Cindy Press are at once reminiscent of vintage portrait painting and fashion photography. The retro portraits by celebrated photo artist Stefanie Schneider hum with color, and embody the best of the americana art style.

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