TAFLA O5 by Oskar Zieta
Open Edition
2018 OZT05


Oskar Zieta. Open Edition
23.6 x 15.7

Zieta’s TAFLA O is the most organic of mirrors series. Its bionic form inspired by a drop of water or liquid metal enchants the space making it optically larger and more spacious.
On the polished surface of the TAFLA mirrors, all steel refractions are perfectly visible – the artistic effect of “controlled loss of control” in the process of shaping their form.
Mirrors made with FiDU technology are a result of free deformation caused by high internal pressure. This process creates objects of great durability yet of subtle structure. Just like the very first mirrors, TAFLAs are made of metal. FiDU technology brings out the true face of steel and creates objects of unique shapes.
Dimension: 60cm x 40cm, Depth 6cm

23.6 x 15.7" (External dimensions)

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