NY #5 by Erik Chmil
Erik Chmil

NY #5

N.Y., 2000
Open Edition
11.6 x 15.7
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Photo mount frame Hamburg, profile width: 20 mm, Spessart Oak, Natural, 21.3 x 25.2"(External dimensions)

On premium paper. Not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.

$ 279.00
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Background Information about Erik Chmil
Erik Chmil (born 1968) is always on the search for the meaningful detail, whether in urban architecture or the cantilevered landscape of the mountains. As a distanced observer with a penchant for helping himself to graphic formal language, he opens still views of nature and culture’s changing relationships. “Who are you to dare come up here among us,” the bright mountains in the background seem to admonish. And thus teach us humility amidst such mighty, indeed romantic scenery.
1968 born in Leverkusen, Germany
1983 started interest in photography
1989-1991assistence in Dusseldorf, Germany
1991-1994Visual Communication,University of Applied Sciences, Dortmund, Germany
semester abroad, Ecole des beaux arts, Besancon, France
assistance, Finnland
1993 first studio, Hilden, Germany
started architectural photography and reportages
since 1995studio in Cologne, Germany, mainly advertising photography
1998 first car shooting

Since then, Chmil hast been working worldwide for various clients and agencies in Germany, Italy, Spain, and the US. He is member of the BFF and AOP

2011BFF Merit
2010200 Best Photographers, Lürzers
2010Red Dot Design Award and ADC Bronze for book publikation
2004 Kelly Award Finalist, Porsche campaign, USA
1987-1989Award German Youth Photography Price

1994 Galerie Lichthof, Dusseldorf, Germany