Marilyn Monroe Art

Has there ever been a face more recognizable? A persona better-suited to inhabit and command any room with her personality? Marilyn Monroe posters and paintings abound. But if you’re looking for a distinctive way to invite her gaze and presence into your home, explore our exclusive line of Marilyn Monroe prints. Unlike other Marilyn Monroe wall art, printed on canvas or glossy paper, our prints under acrylic glass create the crispest and most luminous viewing experience.

Marilyn Monroe: A Portrait of Stardom

Our Marilyn Monroe prints are as illustrious as her life. During her lifetime she was the most photographed woman in the world, and still to this day she is the human face of pop art. The mythology that surrounds her has been the basis of countless songs and films. This power is embodied in our portfolio of Marilyn Monroe wall art, which you can find in our collections of art prints and black and white photography.

Her unforgettable facial expressions, her characteristic blond hair and famous mole, and her powerful affect still inspire artists to create pieces that direct all eyes to her. Andy Warhol captured her light and dark sides, her startling luminosity and the morose silhouettes that attended her fame and that pigeonholed her as a screen upon which others project their desires. Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe paintings defined her as an icon for a new age of art, and the Marilyn Monroe screen prints that still circulate today are the very portrait of the dramatis personae at the heart of pop art.

Peperina Magenta's piece integrates black and white prints of Marilyn Monroe with a digital collage method. Anna Halm Schudel, by contrast is gripped by the pop art philosophy of reproducibility: her Monroe portrait is composed of many small individual “portrait-pixels”. Take a step back from Schudel’s print, and observe how dramatically her portrait changes when viewed up close and at a distance.

Sometimes a classic photo print is enough to bring Marilyn Monro’s legendary radiance into the present. Howard Hawks' still of her famous role as Lorelei Lee in the 1953 classic Gentlemen Prefer Blondes freezes the viewer right in the action. Henry Hathaway’s black and white photo print depicting another still of Monroe as Rose Looms in the 1953 film Niagara shows us a scene that is less spectacular and cinematically determined, but which makes it clear as day in whom the photo’s center of gravity lies. Classic black and white prints like Hathaway’s present an elegant alternative to the colorful pop-art interpretations of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe Biography

01.06.1926 Born as Norma Jean Mortenson in Los Angeles, California. She spends part of her childhood in orphanages.
1942 First marriage to her neighbor James Dougherty
1944 First time modelling
1947 First film role in The Shocking Miss Pilgrim
1953 Her role in Niagara makes her into a sex symbol
1953 Stars in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and the Global Hit Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
1954 Marries the baseball star Joe DiMaggio
From 1955 Studies acting in New York under Lee Strasberg
1955 Stars in in Billy Wilder's Comedy The Seven Year Itch, which features the famous scene of her standing on a subway grate with her white dress blowing upwards around her
1956 Third Marriage to the playwright Arthur Miller
1959 Monroe's comedic tour de force in her role as Sugar Kane in Some Like It Hot)
1962 Monroe's final film, Something’s Got to Give was never completed
19.05.1962 Last public appearance at John F. Kennedy's birthday party, where her famous serenade Happy Birthday, Mr. President, delivered in a see through dress, caused a scandal
05.08.1962 Marilyn Monroe dies of an overdose of medication, but the exact cause of her death was never given, and remains until today open to speculation

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