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Tom Schierlitz

Background Information about Tom Schierlitz


“When I am interested in a subject, I dive into it really deeply,” says Tom Schierlitz. Whether he is working with fashion accessories or artistically displayed food, the photographer aims to reveal the true essence of his subjects and depict them in a very special light. In this way, he transforms unremarkable objects into glamorous luxury items, stylizing everyday life and transforming it into something invaluable.

The photographer draws inspiration from his immediate environment: the bustling city of New York. Schierlitz makes sure to stay curious and constantly create. His motto is “Live your life the way you really want – and take photos that way too.”


Tom Schierlitz studied photography in Düsseldorf. His work can be seen in publications like The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ. Schierlitz has won multiple awards for his photographs from the German Art Directors Club and its British equivalent D&AD. The German photographer has lived in New York City since 1987.