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We could practically reach out and touch the striking classic cars in the Havana Cabs series. Photographed from an overhead angle and presented against a black, monochrome background, they are detached from their everyday context and gloriously colourful. The photographs by Thomas Meinicke preserve these vintage vehicles, transforming them into collector’s items any car enthusiast would be delighted to hang on the wall.

The classic taxis are part of Havana’s urban landscape and a significant ingredient in the city’s unique flair. An embargo on imported cars spanning decades is the reason for the charmingly anachronistic sights in the streets of the capital. Since the middle of the 20th century, existing cars have been meticulously maintained by their owners and passed down through generations. Still running strong more than 50 years later, and for many an essential source of their livelihood, these cars are an understandable source of pride for their owners. American models such as Chevrolet and Studebaker are relics from the pre-socialist era. They are both cultural icons and living pieces of history.

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Thomas Meinicke was born in 1977 in Merseburg, Germany. He has worked as a freelance photographer since 2004, specialising in journalistic and street photography. The Havana Cabs series has been recognized with international awards in France, the UK, Japan, and more. Meinicke lives in Leipzig.