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At the interface between art-historical tradition and the latest technology, Sophie Delacour creates innovative works that reflect the spirit of the times. A homage to modern aesthetics – to the daring, the passion, and the courage to plunge into unknown waters. Under the visual guise of crashing floods, her works tell of unstoppable movement and upheaval. Rushing streams of water that penetrate their surroundings with sublime brilliance subtly illustrate cohesion and strength.
Sophie Delacour found her inspiration between worlds: In Sixt-Passy, the largest nature reserve in her home region of Haute-Savoie – and in Lyon, the pioneer of France's so-called smart cities, where she is based today. The clash between the contrasts of untouched nature and technologized city became the basis of her series of works.
Using artificial intelligence, she makes a performative statement for curiosity, progress, and the spirit of discovery. Between abstraction and realism, the artist's creations appear like fleeting diagrams of her imagination: like a canvas on which dynamic reflection processes emerge. In Sophie Delacour’s work, different levels of meaning literally flow together in shimmering hues reminiscent of the play of light from rainbows on the surface of water. Her generated landscape depictions interpret the subject of water, which is deeply rooted in the art tradition, in a modern visual language characterized by innovation. Her choice of motif is based on the numerous layers of meaning that she unveils: The sublimity of the waterfall is not only a reminder of the essential importance of water in the global context between drought and flood – the symbol of the waterfall also marks a turning point in pictorial history: in contrast to lakes, rivers and seas, the waterfall does not have religious connotations, but only becomes a symbol of upheaval in the era of the Enlightenment and the Napoleonic period. For Delacour, this motif presented a unique opportunity to realize two opposing visions: While on the one hand she captures the fast-paced changes of today's society with a dynamic, overwhelming visual language, she simultaneously creates an oasis that unfolds a contemplative power. In literature and pop culture, the image of the waterfall often emphasizes sensuality, a free spirit, and risk. In addition to art theoretical and her biographical influences, Sophie Delacour draws her inspiration from music. Her series "Chasing Waterfalls" recalls TLC's iconic song of the same name: "Don't go chasing waterfalls / Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to", the lyrics say, staging the waterfall as a metaphor for impulsiveness. Something that exerts an irresistible attraction while it can pull you into the abyss. The artist celebrates the double-edged nature of the overwhelming natural phenomenon, allowing it to occupy the entire pictorial space between minimalist and bold expression with socially reflective nuances shimmering through. Her complex promptographies are an expression of refreshing, modern artistry. They are the result of the decision to "chase the waterfalls" instead of staying in your comfort zone – to focus on the potential instead of the danger: On the possibilities of artificial intelligence and the beauty of the waterfall.