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Background Information about Omar Senada


Omar Senada is an award-winning visual artist, curator and program coordinator at the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, Egypt.
As both a practitioner and historian of art, especially painting, Senada’s deep knowledge of art history provides a rich variety of influences in his contemporary abstract paintings. His works explore the evolution of art over time, and how ancient artistic techniques can be used to challenge our contemporary standards of beauty, aesthetics and reality. His dynamic abstract paintings, however, are defiantly modern.

His City Issues series explores our relationship with nature, the environment and urbanization, layering complex colors, patterns and silhouettes to create endlessly fascinating abstract works that reward repeated viewings. Combining detailed nature scenes with delicate figurative work and pure abstract expressionism, Senada draws on centuries of human artistic history to create vivid new ideas.


Born in Egypt in 1991, Omar Senada studied painting at the University of Alexandria’s Faculty of Fine Arts, graduating with a Master’s degree in 2020. Throughout his studies, Senada actively organized retrospectives and exhibitions on Egyptian artists. His expertise on art history continues to inform his own works, especially references to prehistoric Egyptian art. Senada’s works have been exhibited internationally and feature in several private collections, both in Egypt and abroad.