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Markus Henttonen

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“When I look at a location, I think about the stories that have taken place there and what could still happen there,” says Markus Henttonen. The Finnish artist is a passionate storyteller, traveling through Europe and America to create his narrative works.

With a special atmosphere about them, Henttonen’s cityscapes are captivating. We see the city of New York in darkness, the Statue of Liberty looming in the background. We get lost in the fact that, behind every illuminated window, there is an entire human life in progress. What is taking place in the thousands upon thousands of apartments and offices?

Henntonen’s photographs pose the question of when a story begins and how it can be told. They transfer the same feeling as memories – a lingering nostalgia akin to being on a film set. Above all, they leave lots of room for interpretation, with only the lighting to indicate what time of day or season is shown.


Markus Henttonen was born in 1976 in Lahti, Finland and earned an art degree in Turku. So far, his work has appeared in three photo books and more than 100 exhibitions.