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In understated yet moving photographs, Mark Leary captures the essence of summer. Oversized ferns line the edges of the images like curtains framing his subjects: dreamlike scenery, including the cliffs, beaches, and ocean of Newquay, Cornwall. It is the perspective in these photographs that makes them so impressive.

Named for the seemingly unseen standpoints from which the photos are taken, “Hidden” makes the viewer a quiet observer of these picturesque scenes. Sunlight floods the bay, turquoise water glistens in the distance, and early beachgoers enjoy a carefree summer day.

Leary’s shots possess an engrossing stillness that allows the viewer to appreciate the finer details of the wonders of nature. Through the artistic juxtaposition of sharpness and soft focus, the works continually reveal new elements, yet the gentle beauty of idyllic South West England remains centre stage. The artist’s masterful use of light and colour brings time to an apparent standstill, lending the works a fascinating, nostalgic atmosphere. The images evoke an irrepressible longing for the trips and summer days we wish had never ended.

Leary acquired his first camera at an early age and has been fascinated by the medium of photography ever since. After completing his studies in mathematics, he decided to devote himself to his passion. He has since become renowned for the narrative strength that sets his photographs apart.


Born in 1972


AOP Silver Award
Creative Circle Silver Award
D&AD Silver Award