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Inna Wegener

Background Information about Inna Wegener


Inna Wegener is a multidisciplinary artist from Kyiv, Ukraine. Her portfolio defies easy categorization. From oil paintings to murals, installations, performance and, recently, a range of NFT artworks, Wegener works across genres, techniques and mediums to convey her ideas through a range of innovative and ever-evolving formats. A constant throughout her work is and an experimental outlook and exploration of reality and subjectivity.

About the Art

Inspired by nature, the environment, and our relationship with our surroundings, Wegener’s works questions our perception of the outside world through alien shapes and kaleidoscopic colors that abandon pure representation in favor of abstract exploration.  
The works illustrate Wegener’s interest in “Derealisation” – a feeling of disconnect with the outside world, and a glimpse of other planes of existence. Through these surreal abstract paintings, Wegener strives to depict something beyond what we experience in our lived realities. Using watercolor, acrylics, inks and crayons, Wegener uses her paintings to reveal uncharted new worlds. Even in these paintings, Wegener’s multidisciplinary experience is apparent, as the artist uses brushes, hands, pens, pencils and crayons in unison to create these bustling works.
The free-form, poetic composition of her works belies a painstakingly meticulous technique – a single painting can take months to complete. Slowly building up layer by layer, the paintings explore the ideas of space, form and color, each work inviting repeated viewings and re-interpretation.


Inna Wegener, aka rare.weg, is a Ukrainian visual and sound artist who works across a number of genres, mediums and techniques. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, she began her artistic career at an early age through street art and public performances. She has continued to explore and innovate across genres and mediums, including installation art, painting, sound and NFTs. She has exhibited her work across the globe and partnered with brands including Nike, Acne Studios and YSL.


Festival, ARTAVERSE, Hong Kong

  The METACADE Gallery, Hong Kong (Digital)
Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2014, Hong Kong