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Friedrich Seidenstücker

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Friedrich Seidenstücker (1882-1966) is the flaneur among Berlin photographers.  As a 22 year-old trained mechanical engineer, he came to the German capital where he worked as an airplane constructor with Zeppelin AG in Potsdam during the First World War.  He cultivated his eye for detail in another regard as well, as a precise chronicler with the camera.  At 32, he began another course of studies in sculpture, but always kept turning back to his other passion, photography, which he finally made a profession in 1930 upon signing a contract with Ullstein publishing.  From then on, he worked for magazines such as Der Querschnitt (The Profile), Illustrierte Zeitung (Iluustrated Newspaper), UHU, Die Neue Linie (The New Line), Die Dame (The Lady) and Die Woche (The Weekly).  Above all, Seidenstücker became famous for his awareness of every day life, pictures from the Berliner zoo and nude photographs.  Similar to Herbert List in Munich, Richard Peter in Dresden or Hermann Claasen in Cologne, he strikingly documented the post-war ruins of Berlin.  What interested him overridingly was the unspectacular, the charm of the second glance. 

Dr. Boris von Brauchitsch


1882born in Unna/ Westphalia
1901-03Engineering studies in Hagen
1904-05Studies at the Technical Academy, Berlin. Worked as a sculptor and photographer.
1914-18Airplane constructor for Zeppelin-Bau AG in Potsdam
1918-21Studied sculpting in Berlin
1923-30Worked as an independent sculptor and photographer in Berlin.
1930Photojournalist for Ullstein Publishing House, his first success photographing nudes and animals

Publications in magazines such as “Die Neue Linie (The New Line)“, “Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung (The Berlin Illustrated Newspaper)“, “Die Dame (The Lady)“, “Der Querschnitt (The Profiler)“, “Die Woche (The Weekly)“. He employed a 9x12-semilunar valve camera, and later a 9x9-reflex camera

1945-50Photo series of the demolished Berlin
1945-55Freelance photographer in Berlin, worked for various magazines
1966died in Berlin