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Christine Jaschek draws her inspiration from the beauty of Brandenburg’s untouched nature. Since moving to Wandlitz in 2002, she has focused on picturesque landscapes. Jaschek’s interpretations of local flora and fauna appear fresh and new. At times extravagant, the flower arrangements exude a springtime feeling: We can almost smell the sweet, freshly-bloomed flowers.

Christine Jaschek begins by shooting still-life photographs of scenic areas around Wandlitz. These photographs serve as templates for the multimedia designer, who finishes the images on her computer with vector drawings. She produces diverse collages using recurring elements such as flower heads, branches, and foliage. Traces of the digital process remain as black outlines and sketched elements. However, the “Flowers” series is more than just a surprising collection of elements. Its aesthetic compositions captivate through their unusual colour spectrum and intuitive arrangement. With fresh and radiant colours, Jaschek presents a sensual image of the carefree joys of life and, through the innovative use of Brandenburg’s nature, creates a new artistic style between abstraction and still life.


1971Born in Bremen, Germany
1995-2000Studied Interior Architechture, earning a Master of Engineering, Heiligendamm, Germany
2001-2002Apprenticeship in multimedia production/design, L4 Institute, Berlin, Germany
2002-presentLives and works as a freelance artist and media designer in Wandlitz, Germany


2013Wolken, Atelier, Wandlitz
2012Ostbahn: Reisen in Raum und Zeit, Trebnitz Castle, Trebnitz, Germany