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Catherine Losing

Background Information about Catherine Losing


In Catherine Losing’s work, food and fashion accessories are transformed into extraordinary art objects. With a refreshing sense of humor, she creates striking and dynamic compositions. From elegant legs poking out from beneath a mound of orange crates to octopus tentacles artfully breaking the surface, Losing’s unmistakable photographs pull the viewer under their spell.

Losing takes inspiration from conceptual artists such as Martin Creed, a British artist who examines rhythms, scales and objects to extract something unexpected from everyday life. In this way, Losing continues to surprise us with her imaginative works. It’s no wonder she was selected along with four other photographers to create images for the exhibition Items: Is Fashion Modern? at MoMA. This is an especially big honor, because it was only the second fashion exhibition ever at MoMA, the first being Are Clothes Modern? in 1944.


Catherine Losing creates still-life photographs for renowned fashion magazines like Italian Vogue. Her work can be seen in exhibitions all around the world in institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Losing’s clients include international companies like Samsung and Lacoste. She lives in London.