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The Rush of Images

Her photos are dizzying, a true visual rollercoaster of sensations. The yellow treetops suddenly begin to dance, trembling in time to an inaudible music that sweeps us away. The mixture of focused and unfocused areas together with the camera’s turning movement create an eddy that pull us into a world of dreams.

Born in 1967 photo artist Caroline Wolf first discovered photography for herself in 2006 and soon made it her primary artistic medium. Leaning on the literary genre of écriture automatique she developed a kind of photographie automatique – a form of photography that draws from the subconscious, blends out the censorship of rationality, in order to develop an aesthetic based on intuitive impulses in which time and space melt together, as if in a dream.

These blurry images were created in a similar fashion in open nature, one of Wolf’s preferred photographic locations. Inspired by chance and spontaneous intuition, she makes these photographs at a specific moment, what she considers a moment of magic. The “smears,” as the photographer calls them, are created through a rotating motion while releasing the shutter. She transports us through a rush of visual stimulations into a world lost in dream.


Since 2006Autodidactic work with photography
 Lives and works in Karlsdorf-Neuthard, Germany