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Barry Cawston

Background Information about Barry Cawston


In his photographs, British artist Barry Cawston combines classical and contemporary components to produce detailed artworks with an appearance like that of a painting. Switching between architecture, portraits, landscapes, and social documentary with ease, he always maintains his unique, recognizable style.

Many have come to view Cawston as the “official” photographer for street art maestro – and anonymous social critic – Banksy. In fact, Banksy’s website frequently features Cawston’s photographs of the street art. First and foremost, Cawston’s work is appreciated for its composition. To him, it is never about simply taking a picture. In his work, connections are created and the stories around Banksy’s art are created. This is especially noteworthy, as Banksy’s works are often left in public without warning or comment.

In the series Echoes From The Arboretum, it becomes apparent why Barry Cawston is considered a photographic poet. The reverence for the old forests of Europe and America are reflected in his mesmerizing works. He imbues the trees and clearings a grandiose and enigmatic beauty that instantly brings us under its spell. His large-format prints evoke a peaceful tranquility, decelerating our fast-paced everyday lives. Cawston’s work offers a recuperative retreat from stressful times; enraptured by the multifaceted wonders of nature, we quickly get lost in daydreams.

Cawston’s photo series are as diverse as the techniques he uses to produce them. The complexity and magnitude of his work has increased over the years. These days perhaps, he might need a year to finish one of his projects. With numerous awards, celebrated exhibitions, and published books, Cawston is among the most recognized Fine Art photographers of the times.


Barry Cawston was born in 1966 in London, England. After earning a degree in Sociology from Leeds University, he took up studying photography at Kitson College in Leeds. In 2007, he won the Exeter Contemporary Open and in 2010, he took the South West Art Prize. In 2014, his work earned him the Chairman’s Choice Award at the RWA Photographic Open. His bestselling book about Banksy’s work, Are We There Yet? A Day Trip to Banksy’s Dismaland is a remarkable chronicle of the temporary pop-up gallery Dismaland in Somerset, England.