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A fascination with futuristic themes is a distinct source of inspiration for artist Arnaud Imobersteg. Through the impressive scenes in his Cyber Cities series, he offers us a glimpse into another time in an alternate world. Highly technologized metropolises bathed in artificial light and enlivened by digitally animated figures – interspersed with the inhabitants of the future. It's cyberpunk at its finest. Imobersteg creates futuristic-looking scenarios by employing 3D rendering, lending them an unmistakable appearance thanks to an abundance of detail – above all, a finely tuned balance of light, color, and depth.

Arnaud Imobersteg draws inspiration from other contemporary artists, but also from literature; First and foremost, from the legendary novels of William Gibson, founder of the science fiction subgenre of cyberpunk. Further inspiration comes from the aesthetics and dystopian atmosphere of films like Blade Runner and Batman. His works impressively perpetuate the legacy of the cyberpunk art movement while allowing viewers to see the world of tomorrow through a different lens. These compositions also raise questions about our existence within an increasingly digitized society. Imobersteg studied interior design in Geneva, quickly focusing on the field of architecture as an artist – effectively combining his two passions.

His work is celebrated internationally, which has allowed him to collaborate with other artists such as renowned, multi-award-winning architectural legends Zaha Hadid and OMA.