Landscape Art Prints Hung on a Wall

Landscape Art Prints for Sale

Interested in bringing new views of beaches, forests, mountains and meadows into your rooms? Our landscape prints bring the most amazing scenery right into your home or office. Work by our landscape artists embodies the beauty and majesty of beaches and pastures, or the jungle at sunset. Shop our landscape art prints by size, theme, or color, and discover stunning art framed and unframed. Find the right artwork for your home today!

For more on how our landscape prints are produced, and ideas for matching an artwork to a room, skip ahead to read up on our Limited Editions

A Panorama of Landscape Prints at Lumas

Landscape is all about taking the wide view. It represents a desire to capture the world’s naturally occurring grandeur. It ranges from dramatic mountain peaks and violent storms to tranquil, sometimes mystical scenes that play with light.

Painted Landscape Prints

View our collection of landscape painting. Kate Shaw's vast, colorful landscapes of moutains and lake basins strike us with their bright but winter-like color schemes. Shaw depicts her scenes through a fascinating technique, in which geographical features seem almost layered, as in collage.

Abstract Landscapes

Sabine Wild is one of the most interesting landscape artists working today. Known as an accomplished forest photographer, Wild is responsible for the introduction of a new and innovative technique, altering photographs with digital blurring effects, in order to produce architectural landscapes with an abstract quality.

Scenic Black and White Landscape Prints

Our collection of black and white prints contains a wealth of stunning landscapes in many genres. Malgosia Jankowska's magical paintings present us with the "inner scenery" of the wintery forest. Inspired by fairy tales, her imaginative works explore the fantastical landscape of childhood. In his black and white landscapes the photographer Helmut Schlaiß creates incredibly dramatic landscapes. In his hands European castles and bridges nestled in lush mountains, captured in dusky and sunset lighting, take on a vintage quality.

The Urban Landscape

Our portfolio contains a wide array of both city and architectural themes, as well as traditional street art themes, including graffiti.

Beach Landscapes

Our summer collection contains a wealth of beach landscapes - on the ground, from the air, and in the crowd. Alison Shaw presents us with tranquil interpretations of Cape Cod shorelines. Patrick Tschuldi's fascinating photo paintings give us a whole new experience of beachgoing.

Curated Collection of Landscape Prints

Landscape Art Prints for your Walls

We have an extensive collection of fine art prints by world-renowned artists and up-and-coming talents just starting to carve out a name for themselves. Ours is an expertly curated portfolio, ready and waiting to make an appearance on your wall at home! All of our works are produced as what are conventionally referred to as "art editions". Our Open Editions are produced on demand, without an upper limit on print numbers. A Limited Edition print, by contrast, is printed as one installation of a print run strictly limited in number. To place the seal on a Lumas Limited Edition print, the artist will sign her or his artwork, which arrives complete with a certificate of authenticity.

A Lumas print is developed as a photo print, using a combination of traditional and cutting-edge production methods. Unlike canvas prints, a Lumas print displays your artwork in high definition, preserving it with a high degree of detail, and on a material which is built to last. Our prints arrive ready to hang and mount, and can be ordered in different sizes, and framed or unframed.

Landscape prints are a particularly versatile choice of art. They are typically relied upon to "expand" a room and to open it onto a different type of scenery. Our home art guides contain a wealth of ideas for how to decorate your wall with fine art. They also contain special collections of artworks, which our curators have specially selected for each room. Explore our pages on the living room, guest room, and more, and shop art prints for your home today!