Geometric Photo Art for Sale

For a style so seemingly simple, with such straightforward effects, geometrical art has a curious power. Discover the meaning of the geometrical artistic style in modern art, and shop for a geometrical photo artwork for your home walls!

Geometry as Reality

Composing paintings or crafts with geometrical precision is one of the most basic techniques of artistic creation, going back centuries. In the early 20th century, geometry became something more than a technique. For abstract and cubist artists, geometry became itself a subject matter of art, rather than a way to section off parts of a landscape according to geometric proportion.

The abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky theorized about art as a spiritual practice, and found in simple shapes and colors the subject matter appropriate to his ambitions. Kandinsky's ideas swept the European continent, and became part of a general trend towards ever more innovative uses for geometry in art. Dutch artists of De Stijl like Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg operated close to Kandinsky's aesthetic, while other trends in painting, collage, and design forked new paths. Cubist artists Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso created collage artworks and paintings according to new principles of composition, allowing themselves to be guided by demands of shape and color. In design and architecture, new movements like the Bauhaus demonstrated a preference for strong shapes and simple geometry. These were part and parcel of utopian visions, shared with co-founder Kandinsky, of a human world surrounded by design which incarnated the most essential features of nature.

For practical purposes, geometrical art perhaps comes most into its own with the advent of artistic design. After World War II, new styles, inspired by architectural design, overtook the opulence of Art Deco. The Bauhaus motto (shared by many others) that "form follows function" became an established orthodoxy, as artists previously associated with European avant garde trends in art and design like Anni and Josef Albers further promoted these ideas in North America.

Mid century modern art and design was a popular design trend, which make strong use of simple, linear, geometric motifs on mass-produced furnishings and decor. From the 1960's, Minimalism in art and design became a signal trend in both the art world and home decor, also characterized by strong, geometric forms and patterns. Today, these movements have a new lease on life, both as vintage and retro styles. It has had a huge influence as a home design trend, most famously, uniting avant garde and mid-century aesthetics in popular Scandinavian style.

Decorating with Geometrical art

In planning a home design concept with geometrical art, perhaps this is the most important point to consider: the geometrical style in art is less simple than it at first appears. This is so for a number of reasons. Firstly, as a tendency in abstract art, it embodies the legacy of the quest for deeper realities, manifest in the seemingly uncomplicated depiction of line and color within a non-objective, or non-representational style. Secondly, while it is non-representational - and therefore more familiar as design or patterns - geometric art does have strong effects in a room. The lines in a geometric artwork will direct the viewer's attention in a particular direction. A vertically oriented motif will draw attention upward. While this can vertically expand a room with a low ceiling, a work with horizontally oriented lines can have the optical effect of expanding lengthwise walls in rooms with less square footage.

Consider the goals of a decor concept. If you want to introduce a work for its fine art qualities, simply make sure it is placed somewhere it receives its full effect. If your plan is to set an accent associated with geometric abstract art, you have a wider range of flexibility.

Minimalist geometric prints by Sarah Morris are true abstract works - they are non-objective, or depict geometrical representations rather than recognizably "real" subject matter. By contrast, photo art by Peter Stewart or Jose Manuel Ballester, or aerial landscapes by Tom Hegen, are examples of objective art: art which provides us with a real subject. That is indeed the specific merit of these artworks, which locate an element of geometrical abstraction within everyday subjects like buildings, construction zones, or the earth itself. Black and white abstract art with a geometrical motif is well-placed as a bedroom artwork, where color and motif work together with natural or artificial lighting to create a mood of calm.

In general, geometric artworks in our selection do not however suffer from the problem of "blending in". This is especially true for the surreal designs of 3deluxe and GRAFT. Aerial photographic landscapes are a delightful point of intersection between the real and the unreal, and are in some ways extraordinary manifestations of the geometrical style in art tout court. Such works are lovely additions to living room art decor.

Curated Geometric Art

 curated geometric artworks: Bosque de Columnas by José Manuel Ballester
Bosque de Columnas
José Manuel Ballester
$ 1,999
 curated geometric artworks: Congresso Nacional II by Henning Bock
Congresso Nacional II
Henning Bock
from $ 1,049 to $ 2,390
 curated geometric artworks: Brasilian House by Jens Hausmann
Brasilian House
Jens Hausmann
from $ 649 to $ 1,599
 curated geometric artworks: Zehn by Gero Gries
Gero Gries
$ 2,990
 curated geometric artworks: Gran Terminal by José Manuel Ballester
Gran Terminal
José Manuel Ballester
$ 1,799
 curated geometric artworks: Enclosure #22 by Thomas Florschuetz
Enclosure #22
Thomas Florschuetz
$ 1,299
 curated geometric artworks: Tianjin High-Rise by 3deluxe
Tianjin High-Rise
from $ 1,049 to $ 2,490
 curated geometric artworks: Scene C by Hiroshi Sato
Scene C
Hiroshi Sato
$ 1,299
 curated geometric artworks: Construction by Manuel Ros
Manuel Ros
from $ 299 to $ 899
 curated geometric artworks: WCAU 2148882 by Thomas Eigel
WCAU 2148882
Thomas Eigel
from $ 649 to $ 999
 curated geometric artworks: Square by Judith Lindner
Judith Lindner
$ 2,190
 curated geometric artworks: Leuchten by Judith Lindner
Judith Lindner
$ 1,099
 curated geometric artworks: Crisscrossed Highway interchange, Phoenix, Arizona by Alex Maclean
Crisscrossed Highway interchange, Phoenix, Arizona
Alex Maclean
$ 2,490
 curated geometric artworks: Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) by George Cukor
Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn)
George Cukor
from $ 124 to $ 369
 curated geometric artworks: The 1st day of summer by Ania Luk
The 1st day of summer
Ania Luk
$ 239
 curated geometric artworks: Alexanderplatz II by Annika Feuss
Alexanderplatz II
Annika Feuss
from $ 599 to $ 1,599
 curated geometric artworks: Avantgarde house by Jens Hausmann
Avantgarde house
Jens Hausmann
from $ 699 to $ 1,299
 curated geometric artworks: Bauhaus by Horst & Daniel Zielske
Horst & Daniel Zielske
$ 999
 curated geometric artworks: House of Friends by Stefan Saalfeld
House of Friends
Stefan Saalfeld
from $ 1,149 to $ 2,190
 curated geometric artworks: In Series by Piet Paris
In Series
Piet Paris
from $ 449 to $ 999
 curated geometric artworks: Bauhaus II by Horst & Daniel Zielske
Bauhaus II
Horst & Daniel Zielske
$ 999
 curated geometric artworks: Morphosis Beverly Building Triptych by Jenny Okun
Morphosis Beverly Building Triptych
Jenny Okun
from $ 799 to $ 1,799
 curated geometric artworks: Carmy House Floor Triptych by Jenny Okun
Carmy House Floor Triptych
Jenny Okun
from $ 799 to $ 1,299
 curated geometric artworks: Atmoscape.4 Trinity by Graft
Atmoscape.4 Trinity
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,390
 curated geometric artworks: Monster of Grace 1.1 by Graft
Monster of Grace 1.1
from $ 1,299 to $ 2,390
 curated geometric artworks: Staircase white by Adam Mørk
Staircase white
Adam Mørk
from $ 1,049 to $ 2,290
 curated geometric artworks: Kobe High-Rise by 3deluxe
Kobe High-Rise
from $ 849 to $ 1,999
 curated geometric artworks: Barcelona by Henning Bock
Henning Bock
from $ 999 to $ 2,390
 curated geometric artworks: Paris II by Henning Bock
Paris II
Henning Bock
from $ 1,049 to $ 2,390
 curated geometric artworks: Pink Dream by Anton Sparx
Pink Dream
Anton Sparx
from $ 1,199 to $ 2,490
 curated geometric artworks: Hansaplatz by Annika Feuss
Annika Feuss
from $ 599 to $ 1,599
 curated geometric artworks: Mediterranean door by Antonio Rojas
Mediterranean door
Antonio Rojas
from $ 899 to $ 1,499
 curated geometric artworks: Colourful journey by Manuel Ros
Colourful journey
Manuel Ros
from $ 299 to $ 899
 curated geometric artworks: Architecture view by Manuel Ros
Architecture view
Manuel Ros
from $ 499 to $ 1,099
 curated geometric artworks: Gran Columna T.E. by José Manuel Ballester
Gran Columna T.E.
José Manuel Ballester
$ 2,190
 curated geometric artworks: Seaside by Lacey | Trunk Archive
Lacey | Trunk Archive
from $ 899 to $ 1,699
 curated geometric artworks: SALT III by Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
from $ 649 to $ 2,190
 curated geometric artworks: SALT WORKS I by Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
$ 2,190
 curated geometric artworks: Untitled II by Salar Ahmadian
Untitled II
Salar Ahmadian
$ 1,499

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