Bosque de Columnas by José Manuel Ballester

Bosque de Columnas

2006 JMB14
23.7 x 61.0
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Mounted under acrylic glass
depth 0.08" glossy, frameless, 23.7 x 61.0" (External dimensions) On premium paper (glossy) not mounted or framed. Shipped rolled.
depth 0.08" glossy, frameless, 23.7 x 61.0" (External dimensions)
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Artistic Paradise

José Manuel Ballester, born in Madrid in 1960, is a master at juggling concrete and iron, light and space. Discreetly dipped in tinted light, his scenes are transformed into graphic constructions, abolishing the border between the photographic and the painted. Whether theater, factory or apartment building, Ballester’s nascent architectural structures are reflections about absence and the progress of time. Structure, color and lighting arrive thereby in symbiosis with the notion of newly defining aesthetic emptiness. The self-conscious melting from classical to modern abstract and exceedingly current trends in architecture and photography is, for this Spanish shooting star, no more than a contradiction, like the creation of the Romantic through cool precision. Benefits, motifs and media still appear disparate. In the end, a fascinatingly closed and mostly simple picture remains. For him, artificially created rooms are “like the search for paradise”, and after a grateful environment inasmuch as the guarante for a better life.   And for that reason, they always show the same virtues and shortcomings of society, which is responsible for their production. More specifically, the tension that Ballester borrows from the architectire and conveys in the second dimension, is barely expressed.

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1960born in Madrid
1984Visual Arts Degree from Universidad Complutense, Madrid
1985Dissertation “Reconstruction of the Tehcnical Proccess of the Italian and Flemish Schools”
1987Participated in the art seminar "Against the Manual: a critical inspection of art and it’s context between 1945 and 1985" with Victoria Combalía. Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.
1989Participated in the art seminar "The Historical Avante Garde from 1940 to 1990" with Francisco Calvo Serraller. Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.
1995Participated in the Art Cycle ”Art Recluse” led by Juan Manuel Bonet. Círculo de Bellas, Madrid.
Lives and works in Madrid