Curated Orange Art for Sale

Explore our collection of orange art, and discover all the original orange art in the LUMAS portfolio. Shop our curators' selection of modern orange artworks, encompassing abstract, vintage, and figurative art prints and photographs.

Orange Artworks

Reminiscent above all of natural sunlight at dawn and dusk, orange is a color which emits energy, and promises a new day.

The power of orange to promote creativity is evident in the California photographs by Stefanie Schneider, and in the colorful impressionist tree series by Pep Ventosa. In his series "Trees, In the Round," Ventosa creates photographic depictions of trees, applies a number of editing methods to them, and produces work which looks like painting.

Artworks by the "virtual realist" artist Götz Valien feature figures in triumphal poses, reminiscent of socialist and futurist art, in which the figures are clad in red and orange clothes which encode them in symbolism.

The Curators' Palette: Orange Art

As part of your home decor, orange art has the ability enliven an interior space. Kitchens in particular are well-suited to the energy of orange artworks, and to the lively and retro design accents that they can set.

Orange and blue are colors which, when used together, set powerful contrasts of warmth and coolness. This contrast is present in the explosive aerial beachscapes by Peter Yan, which feature beach and sand to thrilling effect.

In art history, orange was most prominently used by Jeff Koons, in his small sculpture, Balloon Dog (Orange). Mark Rothko tapped directly into the energy and verve of orange in his color field paintings. Works by LUMAS artists like Beatrice Hug and Penelope Davis are directly reminiscent of the impulse demonstrated in Rothko's famous paintings like Orange and Yellow and Orange, Red, and Yellow.

Abstract Orange Artworks

Abstract orange art by Sven Pfrommer presents a play on natural lighting, combined with the subject matter of urban art. Artwork by abstract artists like Lucia Giacani and Catherine Losing leverage the boldness of orange to create pop art works with vintage and retro characteristics.

Curated Orange Artworks