LUMAS stands for outstanding photo art in museum-quality, hand-signed Limited Editions. In captivating dreamscapes, Irene Kung shows off the beauty of the Porsche 911, probably the best-known sports car in the world. Her work oscillates from reality to illusion, from painting to photography. Discover striking and powerful pieces abounding with fascinating details.

Irene Kung on the Porsche 911 Edition

Find out more about the artist and her unique ideas behind the Porsche 911 Edition.

About the Porsche 911 Edition

In her Timeless Machine series, Irene Kung creates a previously non-existent symbiosis between technological trailblazing and timeless art. Her interpretation of the new Porsche 911 is realized in six images. “My pictures should enchant people, inspire them to dream, and tell them stories. You should be able to switch off and let them take you to another level,” Kung says about her photographs. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that all of her artworks reveal fascinating new details with every look. In China and the USA, in the snow and in the desert, Irene Kung uses diverse locations around the world to spotlight the automobile’s timeless design in a characteristic yet subtle way. To her, the car’s sensual beauty is a key component. Her perception of this mysterious and fascinating vehicle is especially apparent in the piece, Dragon.

Irene Kung: Moonride, Coming Home
Irene Kung: Moonride, Coming Home
Kung inspects a photo print of her work
Kung inspects a photo print of her work

Irene Kung

My pictures are narrative; they have that in common with paintings. They are like film scenes, and viewers can fill in the rest of the story for themselves.

Irene Kung © Architectural Digest, 2019-02

In addition to solo exhibitions in many European cities, the artist has made a name for herself overseas in New York, Beijing, and Hangzhou as well. Paris Photo, Art Miami, Art Hong Kong and MIA Fair Art Milano are just a few of the art fairs at which the artist has exhibited. She currently lives in her native Switzerland.

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