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Background Information about Pezhman


“I believe there is a bit of magic in the medium of photography that is made up of light, chemistry, natural beauty, and the ability to capture a perfect moment on film,” says Pezhman. Through a unique technique, the Iran-born artist creates his own interpretation of photo art.

Pehzman says he has artistic visions in his mind’s eye while taking photographs. He then realizes these visions in his studio using every conceivable material. Pezhman turns photographs into mixed-media pieces using oils, resin, or even diamond dust. He adds layers to every image one by one, then finishes his canvases with a high-gloss varnish. His works have a perceptible surface texture, occupying the space somewhere between photography and painting, between reality and dream. Each piece is stretched on a frame with wedges, a hand-finished, one-of-a-kind work of art.


Pezhman was born in 1976 in Shiraz, Iran and grew up in the USA. He studied art and film at Atlanta College of Art and continued his education at the New York School of Photography. Pezhman’s works regularly appear in exhibitions in the USA and Europe, with notable examples including CONTEXT Palm Beach in 2017, the CUBE American Art Fair in Brussels in 2016, and the Affordable Art Fair in New York in 2015. The artist lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.