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David Mrugala is a German architect, educator and prize-winning intermedia artist living and working in South Korea. He creates visual stories and events inspired by urban culture and architectural space. In addition to his work as an architect, he also helped establish “thedotisblack”, a platform for research design dedicated to generative and procedural drawings and animations made with code. He also focuses on movement, geometry, scientific study, sound analysis and digital manufacturing.

In his work, Mrugala understands space as a productive entity that can use geometric textures to create stunningly sensual motifs and images. The image surface becomes a place to experience emphatically graphic and optical-illusional displays and experiments, elaborated in both an abstract and a figurative manner, with the gradual shifting of generative parameters producing a highly surprising image structure.

Generative Portraits I consists of multiple sequences of diverse, overlapping human silhouettes that produce continuous yet distinct images. Each sequence is determined by a specially developed algorithm, an autonomous system that analyses images and transforms them into numbers that alter the size, speed and direction of movement. Each sequence produces a tale of complicated movements, a generative portrait that is constantly in motion.
Generative Portraits Street Art continues the concept of overwriting. Sequences of various iconic works of street art become overlapping images and produce continuous yet distinct impressions.


2021 – Glassbox Artstar Award (for Dialogue of Not-Separateness”, Bongsan Cultural Center, Daegu, Korea
2019 – Gold Award in Fine Art (for “Hate-In-Situ”), FRESH FUTURE 19, London, UK. 2019.04
2019 – Gold Award in Graphic Design (for “Hate-In-Situ”), FRESH FUTURE 19, London, UK. 2019.04
2019 – Best-In-Book (Art) (for “Hate-In-Situ”), FRESH FUTURE 19, London, UK. 2019.04
2018 – Bronze Award in Graphic Design (for “Sound of Space”), FRESH FUTURE 18, London, UK. 2018.05


2022 – Maison Fair, Azmas Weaving Rugs, Paris, France
2021 – Bongsan Cultural Center, Glass Box Art Star Ver.2, Daegu, South Korea
2021 – ZÖNOTÉKA Gallery, A.R.E Augemnted Reality Exhibition, Berlin, Germany
2021 – Void Gallery, Code Data Art, Daegu, Korea
2021 – The Ely Center of Contemporary Art, Breathe-In, Breathe-Out, New Haven, USA
2021 – Galeria XS, Words and Sound, Kielce, Poland
2021 – CICA Museum, Abstract Mind, Gimpo/Seoul, Korea
2020 – LIGHTBOX NYC, Creative Code Festival, New York, USA
2020 – NeMaf 20th Seoul International ALT Cinema & Media Festival, Shinchon Arts Space, Seoul, Korea
2020 – CICA Museum, The 6th International Exhibition on New Media Art 2020, Gimpo/Seoul, South Korea
2019 – CADAF Miami, Contemporary and Digital Art Fair 2019 (Art Basel Miami), Miami, USA
2019 – Bideodromo 19, Bilbabo, Spain
2018 – XX1 Gallery, COMPLEXITY, Warsaw, Poland (i.a. with Josef Albers, Manfred Morh, Rita Ernst, etc.)