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Andrea Koporova

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The illustrated worlds of Slovakian artist Andrea Koporova appear as if viewed through a kaleidoscope. Symmetries, star-shaped forms, fractured lines, and mirrored bathing figures in the pastel-colored rooms – all these carefully arranged elements constitute a surreally futuristic aesthetic in which bright splashes of colour add essential contrast. The shimmering, fluidly polished ceramic structures and sensual, corporeal figures open up a visionary space into which a broad spectrum of associations can be projected. The mind is free, while body and surroundings appear captured by mysterious constellations. They are transformed into finely hewn patterns, mirrored and meandering. In this innovative imagery, we see lucid visual poetics that appropriate the principles of synchronised swimming in a unique way.

Andrea Koporova only uses one or two models for her works, which she then multiplies through reflections and rotations. Special aesthetics are applied and new heights are reached. As in synchronized swimming and jumping, the individual person to a perfectly formed collective performance. In conjunction with the kaleidoscopic color staging, a unique rhythm of imagery is created as well as an interesting conversation surrounding the topic of individuality and uniformity. It is in this thematic field of tension that Koporova's works reveal their impact and singularity. They combine freedom and creation into a multi-layered art experience in which artist and audience meet.
"Only an open mind can transform reality into an idea and create a new reality from the idea."


Slovakain photographer Andrea Koporova is self-taught and started her career in 2011. Since then, her works have been published in numerous renowned magazines and books.
She lives and works in Austria.