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Women Artists

Women Artists of LUMAS

LUMAS is a leading global gallery for museum-quality photo and wall art. As such, we are all too aware that women have historically been severely underrepresented in the art world. We strive to give all our artists the same visibility in our galleries and online shops. This page contains a collection of stunning wall decor by some of our most popular artists. Full stop. Bring your favorite piece into your home and join us in a celebration of the women artists of LUMAS!

Isabelle Menin

I'll be your summer 03 by Isabelle Menin
Isabelle Menin: I'll be your summer 03

When someone mentions still lifes, chances are good the first artists who spring to mind are men. Not so at LUMAS! Isabelle Menin photographs and scans fragments of flowers, then reconstructs the pieces into a greater composition. Her work feels like a digital interpretation of Romantic painting revealing a new nature that is both powerful and feminine. It's no wonder her pieces consistently rank in the LUMAS Bestseller lists.

Stefanie Schneider

Palm Springs Palm Trees & Caitlin AKA Jane Bond by Stefanie Schneider
Stefanie Schneider: Palm Springs Palm Trees & Caitlin AKA Jane Bond

A LUMAS artist since the very beginning, Stefanie Schneider creates fantastic scenes in the Californian desert with the style and vision of an auteur - a term too seldom applied to women. Her photographs are fragments of an ambiguous story featuring strong female characters. Schneider's cinematic approach reminds us of a road movie set in the American Southwest. The expired Polaroid film she uses makes her pieces unique and unmistakable.

Sandra Rauch

Berlin Universe & NYC Roof Tops by Sandra Rauch
Sandra Rauch: Berlin Universe & NYC Roof Tops

Bold. Loud. Energetic. Powerful. The list of stereotypically "male" adjectives that encapsulate Sandra Rauch's individual visual vocabulary is extensive. Rauch takes inspiration from monuments and city environments around the world. Her masterful use of mixed media perfectly represents all the excitement of the big city. For good reason, Rauch has been a top-selling LUMAS artist for years.

Popular Women Artists