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LUMAS is the home of stunning fine art editions. Explore high-quality, collectible artworks at affordable prices, and find a piece of fine wall art for your bedroom, home office, or any other room of the home!

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To get an overview of our portfolio, shop art by theme. Our curators have prepared selections of animal, black and white, architecture, abstract wall art, and more!

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What sets LUMAS artworks apart from conventional wall art? Our works are produced as high quality open and limited editions.

What else sets them apart?

  • Unlike canvas, LUMAS works are printed on high-end aluminum, produced and fitted out for art printing
  • All works are produced as high-quality photo prints, featuring abstract, mixed media, landscape, and other genres and techniques
  • Under acrylic face-mounting, our works acquire a stylish and modern protective covering
  • Our works feature classic and contemporary photography. They are fine artworks by renowned and emerging artists, and not cheap illustrations or reproductions of digital files
  • Our design experts spare no effort in helping you best stage each work of art in your wall decor scheme
  • As part of your home decor concept, LUMAS works bring the artistic quality and vision of modern art executed at the highest level

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