Vintage Black and White Photography for Sale

Shop our curators' selection of vintage black and white photography. From classic fashion photography to architectural photography of Paris, London, and New York, the LUMAS portfolio contains a wealth of black and white vintage photo art for the walls of your home or office.


In black and white, vintage photography receives fullest effect. These works have a double effect, standing autonomously as impressive works of art, but also possessed of a specific feel and quality, reminding the observer both of times past and of the history of photography. Containing works which were originally documentary, experimental, and artistic in nature, our selection of vintage black and white photography presents the finest in photographic art.

Through our photo finishing and mounting process, vintage black and white works by photographers like Martin Munkacsi and Madam D'Ora are available for display in museum-quality. Within a home art and design concept, these works can find their footing through juxtaposition, hung alongside abstract photography, and are appropriately placed on the walls of your home office.

LUMAS photographic classics

Our collection of LUMAS Classics comprises a range of stunning vintage black and white photo art. From car photography to vintage portraits of fashion models and the stars of rock n' roll, our Classics collection is full of stylish decorating choices for your home or office.

Black and white Vintage Nudes

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