Sunset Art for Sale

Sunsets are one of the most popular subjects of art. Explore our curators' selection of sunset art, and find the perfect mountain sunset or abstract landscape for the walls of your home or office.

Sunset Artworks for Your Walls

Sunsets are a staple of the visual arts. Romantic artists like Caspar David Friedrich painted several famous works featuring solitary figures in front of dramatic sunsets over ruins, landscapes, and oceans. Other artists associated with impressionism and expressionism saw in the sunset primordial events, with implications for the roles of perception and emotion in the creation of art.

Straddling the line between night and day, sunsets present special opportunities for photographers. Their efforts to capture the golden hour results in some of the most compelling contemporary photo art.

Interior Design Ideas: Sunset Art

Sunsets make a fantastic addition to almost any room in a home. High up on the walls of a hallway or staircase, an artwork featuring a brightly colored sunset will set a colorful accent in a room.

Our collections of beach photo art and ocean photography contain a wealth of beautiful summer sunsets, perfectly suited to a hallway or living room.

Explore our guides to art for your home, and discover an abstract or landscape sunset artwork, featuring oceans, mountains, beaches, cityscapes, and more!

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