LUMAS Summer Art Edition

The LUMAS Summer Art Edition was stunning photo art for a fantastic price. This hand-signed, museum-quality piece was just $399 and only available until Sep. 23. Unfortunately, this artwork is no longer available.

The LUMAS Summer Art Edition was only available until September 23 in a strictly limited print run. Each framed, special edition piece was hand-signed, made-to-order, and measured 23.6” x 35.4”. Our top-quality Floater Frame features a striking gap between the photograph and the moulding, making the picture appear to float. When it comes to art for your walls, this is an especially sophisticated look. Amazing art for a low price – the perfect way to start your art collection!

Close up of the Summer Art Edition's white Floater Frame

About the Artist

Tommy Clarke is one of Great Britain’s most exciting up-and-coming photographers, setting an example to aspire to in the age of drone photography. A trending artist in London, Clarke daringly leans out of the cockpit of a moving helicopter to press the shutter at the decisive moment. In his photographs, the beachgoers, umbrellas, and boats form visual structures. Viewing the art, we want to decode its new perspective on beach life while also sinking into the natural beauty of a beach paradise.

Using Google Earth, Tommy Clarke scours the entire globe for dream coastlines in order to find subjects for his next photographic adventure. With every new piece, the demand for his art increases. We are very pleased that we were able to offer this opportunity to purchase an exclusive work of art by such a sought-after artist in the form of our hand-signed LUMAS Summer Art Edition for just $399!


Limited Edition Photo Art

At LUMAS you will find the work of famous contemporary artists as well as fascinating new talents, all at affordable prices. We achieve this with limited editions with larger print runs. With this concept, we have been democratizing the art market since 2004.

Authentic, Hand-Signed Art

The artist’s hand-signed signature is what makes a work of art an original. The Certificate of Authenticity on the back of your LUMAS piece has the artist’s signature as well as its print run, edition number and date. Purchase stunning photo art with real collector’s value!

Museum-Grade Quality

We set the highest quality standards. Every LUMAS artwork is produced with incredible attention to detail at our in-house workshop. A combination of the latest technology and traditional skilled craftsmanship guarantees gallery standards at an international level.

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From Paris to New York to Berlin to Singapore, our knowledgeable Art Consultants are happy to assist you in 30 galleries worldwide. Bring your art home right away. Or order easily online. We deliver the art directly to you in secure, specialty packaging.

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