Enjoy the Summer with extraordinary Limited Edition artworks. Experience the rich diversity of summertime at home, the elegance of Côte d’Azur, the magnificent waves of the South Seas, the fashion and design highlights on the shore. You can make the Summer last all year.


Our head curator, Heike Dander, cordially invites you on a virtual tour through our gallery. She will present our upcoming summer highlights: the Victorian pools by Soo Burnell, a mystical wave in Tahiti by Tim McKenna, Lifeguard houses in bright neon colours on Miami Beach and much more. Discover exciting new possibilities and let yourself be inspired by this exclusive selection.


Soo Burnell: Marshall Street
Soo Burnell: Marshall Street

Soo Burnell presents Victorian swimming pools in a quiet, classic ambience. The composition of the linear geometry and the crisp pastel colours are reminiscent of Wes Anderson's films, inspiring art lovers all over the world. Terrence Zhang works completely differently. He portrays a deserted pool in Tianjin and brings the modern architecture to the forefront, beams of daylight pour in through the window and dip into the water.

Not only is the model’s look seductive and mysterious, but so is Guy Aroch execution. He masterfully captures light and shadow, turning the green eyed woman into a mystery that captivates any viewer.


Tommy Clarke: Saint Tropez Boats
Tommy Clarke: Saint Tropez Boats

Tommy Clarke tells the story of the lifestyle hotspot Saint Tropez in a new and exciting way. The bay, where once fishing boats were anchored, is beautifully presented from a bird's eye view and its luxurious nature enchants us.

Photo artist and extreme sportsman Tim McKenna approached gigantic waves off Tahiti on his surfboard. His creations are made in direct contact with nature, achieving breathtaking liveliness. Hengki Koentjoro plunges in even deeper, immersing himself into the water for his work. He captures the freedom of the boys of Jakarta in classic black-and-white photography.

 Curated summer ocean art: Shade of Blue by Tim Mckenna
Shade of Blue
Tim Mckenna
from $ 949  to $ 1,699
 Curated summer ocean art: Terzett by Daniel Reiter
Daniel Reiter
from $ 1,399  to $ 2,590
 Curated summer ocean art: Irene's Wave by Matthew Cusick
Irene's Wave
Matthew Cusick
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,990
 Curated summer ocean art: Soaring by Hengki Koentjoro
Hengki Koentjoro
$ 999
 Curated summer ocean art: Apex by Ray Collins
Ray Collins
from $ 949  to $ 1,499
 Curated summer ocean art: Temporal Perception #94 by Serge Hamad
Temporal Perception #94
Serge Hamad
from $ 1,599  to $ 2,790
 Curated summer ocean art: Deep Blue by Beatrice Hug
Deep Blue
Beatrice Hug
from $ 1,099  to $ 1,999
 Curated summer ocean art: On the river by Vladimir Proshin
On the river
Vladimir Proshin
$ 2,990
 Curated summer ocean art: Rajan V by Jody Macdonald
Rajan V
Jody Macdonald
from $ 2,590  to $ 3,390
 Curated summer ocean art: Sea #13 by Wolfgang Uhlig
Sea #13
Wolfgang Uhlig


Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang: The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 2
Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang: The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 2

Our collection of beach artworks will show you the beach from a new perspective. The Lifeguard cottages by Kim & Kang are bright and original. Their presentation in central perspective classifies them not only as documentations of Pop Art but also of the unique culture of Miami Beach. Patrick Tschudi doesn't simply show full and colourful beaches, he reveals unexpected anonymity. He distorts the sunbathers and creates projection surface of his own vision - a familiar, yet new look for the beach holiday.

Rafael Neff shows us a contemplative view of the beach. The beaches are empty and without guests, yet still full of memories. The beach cabanas are a special cultural treasure on the North and Baltic Sea, and they’ve never been so elegantly and dreamily portrayed.

 Curated summer beach art: Beach Scene II by Patrick Tschudi
Beach Scene II
Patrick Tschudi
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,590
 Curated summer beach art: Adria VII by Bernhard Lang
Adria VII
Bernhard Lang
from $ 1,399  to $ 2,290
 Curated summer beach art: NFL90 by Rafael Neff
Rafael Neff
from $ 1,299  to $ 3,190
 Curated summer beach art: Entry by Tommy Clarke
Tommy Clarke
$ 3,990
 Curated summer beach art: Unsere Heldin der Kosmonautin by Ivo Von Renner
Unsere Heldin der Kosmonautin
Ivo Von Renner
from $ 1,299  to $ 2,190
 Curated summer beach art: Beach II by Felipe Bedoya
Beach II
Felipe Bedoya
from $ 999  to $ 1,999
 Curated summer beach art: The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 2 by Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang
The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 2
Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang
from $ 499  to $ 899


Wolfgang Uhlig: Algarve III, Algarve II
Wolfgang Uhlig: Algarve III, Algarve II

Dreams become reality with these unique works full of grace and vitality. The diptych by Wolfgang Uhlig depicts the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in tandem with the rocky coast, creating an artistic embodiment of wanderlust in timeless black-and-white photography.

Enjoy the colorful diversity of the Copacabana with the collage by Sanda Anderlon. Her work has so many fine details that you can always make new discoveries when looking at it. Take a trip to Venice with the gondolier in Robert Jahns, artwork, or maybe with Pep Ventosa who spectacularly explores the endless possibilities of depth and perspective within their work.