Limited and Handsigned: 4 Works for a short time only

Step inside the world of contemporary art with Special Art Editions from LUMAS. Our four Limited, Hand-Signed Editions have beautiful formats, fine framing, and unbeatable introductory pricing – making them the ideal first step for budding art enthusiasts. Take the first step and let yourself be inspired by our exclusive selection. Find your favorite work, maybe your first collector's item. The offer is valid for a short time only.

✓ Impressive sizing in 23.6" x 35.4"

✓ Limited Art Edition for only $399

✓ Laminated under acrylic glass and framed

Tommy Clarke | Orange Umbrellas

About the artwork

Tommy Clarke climbs into helicopters for his shots. He photographs his subjects directly from above. From this view he can reveal the harmony of color found at the beach: the blue of the sea, the pastel shades of the shore, the bright colors of the umbrellas, swimsuits and towels.

The work is laminated under acrylic glass, which enhances the radiance of the colors. The fine framing gives the work a calm, timeless aura that perfectly matches Tommy Clarke's artistic vision.

Tommy Clarke: Orange Umbrellas

Claudio Gotsch | Zimt und Zucker

About the artwork

The bold black backgrounds behind these young cows bring out their unique characters. Swiss native, Claudio Gotsch, reflects on the animals he grew up around and translates those moments into an artistic experience, bringing you closer to the animal than ever before.

Thanks to the lamination under acrylic glass, the abundance of detail is incredibly rich, you can see almost every hair on the two friendly cows. The beauty of the black-and-white photograph is perfectly harmonized by its elegant framing.

Claudio Gotsch: Zimt und Zucker

Ray Collins | Glow

About the artwork

Tension and vigor are in the air, the wave is about to break – this is the moment that Ray Collins lives for. He waits on his surfboard for the waves to reach out towards the sky, showing themselves in their colossal glory, just moments before they crash into nothingness.

Mounted under acrylic glass, the work radiates an impressive vitality. Light and water complement each other to create a very special visual experience, you can almost feel the warm rays of the sun reflecting off the wave.

Ray Collins: Glow

Tom Hegen | Dream

About the artwork

At Burning Man dreams become reality. Tom Hegen captures the spirit of life at the iconic festival. The dreamy setting is in the middle of the desert in Nevada, but it is the people that bring the fantasy to life.

Hegen skillfully captures spectacular lighting conditions and light-dark contrasts. These features are highlighted by the top-quality photo print and superb lamination under acrylic glass. The framing complements the dream and a gives the entire work a hint elegance and magic.

Tom Hegen: Dream


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