Special Art Editions

Step into the world of contemporary art with LUMAS SPECIAL ART EDITIONS. Our hand-signed, limited editions have impressive formats, exquisite framing, and unbeatable introductory pricing, making them perfect for budding art collectors & enthusiasts looking to get their foot in the door. Find your new favorite artwork in our exclusive selection.

The photographer Heiko Hellwig captures the fragile beauty of butterflies by contrasting their lively blue hues against a static black backdrop. In this way, Hellwig creates a dazzling memento mori, highlighting both the grace of the butterflies and their fleeting lifespan.

The art is framed in a black aluminum Artbox, which elegantly encloses the image and reflects Hellwig’s own minimalist ideals. Acrylic glass mounting allows even the finest details of the butterflies’ anatomies to stand out, from delicate antennae to compound eyes.

Heiko Hellwig: Manifold Blue

Robert Jahns is a master of magical realism. His works transport the viewer to enchanting new worlds filled with emotion and wonder. With over 1 million followers on social media, Jahns’ visions have struck a chord with the public too - he is widely recognized as one of the world’s most influential contemporary photographers.

The playful, dreamlike compositions of the photographs are beautifully complemented by their custom-made white floater frames, while acrylic glass mounting highlights every detail – you can almost feel the elephant floating in the room.

Robert Jahns: Elephant above the Clouds



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