LUMAS Special Art Edition

Stunning photo art at an amazing price was on offer with the LUMAS Special Art Edition: a hand-signed, museum-quality Limited Edition by Jody MacDonald for just $399. Unfortunately, this piece is no longer available.

Dive into refreshing turquoise waters with our new Special Edition

This Special Edition featured refreshing turquoise waters

The Jody MacDonald piece, Rajan, was a LUMAS Special Edition available until July 15, 2019 for the phenomenal price of just $399! In this moving photograph, the artist tells the story of an inspiring pachyderm she accompanied with her camera. It lets viewers experience the feeling of being right next to this majestic swimmer. Unfortunately, the edition is no longer available.

The Aluminum ArtBox is subtle and modern

The Aluminum ArtBox is subtle and modern

This exclusive Special Edition measures 23.6 x 35.4 inches and comes in an elegant, silver ArtBox frame. A true design object, this metallic frame is perfectly suited to any modern interior. A very small gap between the mounted photo and the aluminum edges makes the picture appear to float inside the frame. In this way, the artwork has an especially light feel.

The luminous colors make this piece the highlight of any room

About the Artist

Boldly sailing the seven seas and paragliding over expansive landscapes, photographer Jody MacDonald spends almost the entire year traveling. With her camera, she translates the planet’s wonders of the planet into her own visual vocabulary. “I lived at sea for almost 10 years, and I fell in love with it during that time. The ocean is filled with so much wonder, mystery, and unimaginable beauty.”

In her pictures, she likes to show the planet’s precious and fragile beauty, which she also fights to preserve. MacDonald is an advocate for wildlife protection and ocean conservation, working with organizations including the NGO Elephant Family and the non-profit Sea Legacy Collective.

Rajan, the Subject: Living Free

One day, Jody MacDonald learned of the Asian elephant Rajan purely by coincidence. The imposing animal had been used to transport lumber off the southeast coast of India since the 1950s.

In 2002, Rajan was retired when logging became forbidden on the Andaman Islands. With his newfound freedom, he swam in the ocean and took meandering walks through the jungle.

MacDonald was entranced by Rajan’s story and traveled to the Andaman Islands to spend some time with the lively elephant. During this trip, she took touching and intimate photographs abounding with gentleness. Animal photography is considered especially strenuous, because photographers often have to wait for long periods in unpleasant conditions to get the perfect shot. Jody MacDonald attributes her astonishingly intimate animal photographs to persistence, saying: “When you really want to accomplish something, you can always find a way.”

This exclusive artwork was available as a hand-signed Special Edition artwork for just $399.

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