The Dark Knight returns! LUMAS artist Sebastian Magnani has finally unveiled the latest hotly-anticipated additions to his “Daily Bat” series of artworks. Be a part of the most exciting superhero story in the art world – these exclusive new releases include hand-signed, limited-edition prints as well as Open Edition Mini artworks.

New Hand-signed Limited Editions

What does a superhero do after a long day of saving their city from criminal clowns and ruthless gangs of outlaws? They call it a day, enjoy a glass of cognac in a stylish hotel bar, smoke cigars, maybe even read the newspaper. They deserve a little leisure after a rough day full of challenges and merciless fights - even heroes need some rest and relaxation. At least that’s the story Sebastian Magnani’s photographs depict - a superhero without superpowers who overcomes his opponents through sheer will and ingenuity.

He may sometimes need a break, but his brooding demeanor and elegance always remain. Magnani skillfully captures the aura of the mysterious vigilante and places it within the context of our everyday reality, thus colliding two worlds with surprising and inspirational results.

In Magnani’s photos, heroic figures become relatable characters. The artist doesn't portray his subjects in civilian clothes – instead, he depicts them in costume.

Through this approach, Magnani portrays a charming and unique hero who behaves very differently from what you might expect.

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