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Rain artwork can bring the calm and relaxing effects of a rainy day into your home. Shop our selection of rain art, and find a stunning piece of fine art for the walls of your home or office.

A History of rainy art

In stormy seascapes, urban portraits, and forest landscapes, rain has been enjoyed a long history as artistic subject matter and motif.

Above all, rain became a popular element of painting in the 19th century. New movements which focused on the fleeting and minute, rather than the timeless, sought to perceive in rain quotidian, naturally occuring phenomena as if under a microscope. Impressionism in art featured many famous paintings, by luminaries such as Claude Monet and Childe Hassam, in which the pouring rain was a defining element.

Christophe Jacrot finds in rainy cities the subject matter for romantic urban portraiture. He captures in warm colors the poetry of great cities like Paris, Hong Kong, and New York: their loneliness, as well as the architectural intricacy which is refracted through damp conditions.

Japanese artist Miki Takahashi is one of the contemporary world's masters of the photographic self-portrait. Her ouevre features works with rain as a symbol of soulful self-expression.

Displaying rain art in your home

Umbrellas are one of the most traditional symbols of rain in the artistic lexicon. Artworks featuring umbrellas are nicely featured in a living room, where they are both playful and bring a conceptual element to a decor concept.

Romantic photo art by artists like Christophe Jacrot bring a soft and luminous color palette to a room. Vibrant and calming, they are well-placed in a bedroom, or in a den or in a home office that isn't very brightly lit.

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