Painting Prints for Sale

Shop our curated selection of painting prints. The Lumas portfolio includes art made through a number of techniques, from painting to drawing. These photographic prints display artworks originally painted by world-renowned Lumas artists like Edward B. Gordon and the "virtual realist" Goetz Valien. Explore our portfolio, and find a new painting print today!

Painting Prints as Limited Editions

Lumas artworks are produced as limited edition prints. Each limited edition arrives numbered, signed by the artist, and ready to hang and mount.

If shopping for a painting print for your home or office, consider the size and color of your wall, as well as the style and decor theme of your room and home. Try to deliberately correlate the color and atmosphere of your home to a desired print - or make a strategic contrast. A print of an abstract painting makes for a dashing choice on a muted wall space, for example in a bedroom. Portrait paintings are a popular option for spare and undecorated walls, especially in a room with high ceilings. Black and white paintings, like the fairytale stories told by Malgosia Jankowska, are an invitation to dream when unframed - framed, they acquire a formal, stately presence which demands the observer's attention.

Curated Selection of Painting Prints