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Portrait Art

Discover museum-quality wall art featuring iconic figures who have made their mark on our culture. Discover the latest collection of expertly curated portrait art from our Face It exhibition. Order your favorites online or visit one of our 40 galleries around the world!

The High Art of the Portrait

A successful portrait is one that provides a deep look into a person’s soul. The artist plays with composition, perspective, and color to find the best way to represent the subject (whether it is an individual or a whole group). There are countless ways to do this, from detailed close-ups of faces to artistic full-body pictures. Not only does a portrait show the artist’s signature style, it also reveals the characteristics and features of the subject, bringing out the elements of their individual personalities, from self-confidence to shyness. World-famous portrait photographers like Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon, and Annie Leibovitz have made a lasting impact on this genre.

Portrait Artists at LUMAS

To realize their visions, our artists experiment with a vast range of techniques. Discover works by André Monet, who scraps together maps, sheet music, and more into obsessively detailed mixed-media collages. Richard Brandão’s dot painting technique allows for a whole new form of perception – as the viewer’s distance from the picture increases, so too does the clarity of the famous face. Renaud Delorme, on the other hand, works at the intersection between Pop Art, found art, and digital graphic design to create clever mosaics of shapes and colors.

Portrait Art of Cultural Icons

At LUMAS, you can buy expressive portraits of legendary figures including David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Marilyn Monroe, and Frida Kahlo. If you like artistic black-and-white portraits, you will also find stunning works by acclaimed photographer Robert Lebeck in our collection. The portraits of Romy Schneider (whose life is currently featured in the film 3 Days in Quiberon), truly capture a moment in time. Still haven’t found your favorite? Browse our collection and discover even more portrait art!