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Robert Rauschenberg


Limited Edition, Edition of: 300, Certificate of Authenticity
31.5 x 7.9
By Inquiry Only

Screen-printed skateboard. Premium maple wood, made in Canada. A modern piece of wall art depicting some of the 20th century’s most classic artworks. 10% of proceeds go towards supporting the charity work of Skateistan.
Instruction & hangers are included.

(3x) 31.5 x 7.9" (External dimensions)

$ 580.00
$ 580.00
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Background Information about Robert Rauschenberg
The Artist
Robert Rauschenberg’s art has always been one of thoughtful inclusion. Working in a wide range of subjects, styles, materials, and techniques, Rauschenberg has been called a forerunner of essentially every post-war movement since Abstract Expressionism. He remained, however, independent of any particular affiliation. At the time that he began making art in the late 1940s and early 1950s, his belief that “painting relates to both art and life” presented a direct challenge to the prevalent modernist aesthetic.

The celebrated Combines series, begun in the mid-1950s, brought real-world images and objects into the realm of abstract painting and countered sanctioned divisions between painting and sculpture. These works established the artist’s ongoing dialogue between mediums, between the handmade and the readymade, and between the gestural brushstroke and the mechanically reproduced image. Rauschenberg’s lifelong commitment to collaboration—with performers, printmakers, engineers, writers, artists, and artisans from around the world—is a further manifestation of his expansive artistic philosophy.

The Skateroom
A platform for promoting selling and producing art on skateboards that supports youth-empowerment and development. 5% of the sales will go to support the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation’s grantmaking in art, social justice, climate change, and education, another 5% will go to support Skateistan, an award-winning international NGO with projects in Afghanistan Cambodia and South Africa. Skateistan is the first international development initiative to combine skateboarding with educational outcomes.